Sunday, 8 April 2012

lush fluffy egg

Now, I'll confess I haven't really tried a lot of Lush products, but I love the concept behind their brand and tend to go in the store and look round a lot and end up not buying anything. But last week I picked up this cute little egg-shaped bath bomb Fluffy Egg from the Easter range as a little treat. It smells really sweet when you buy it, kind of like a dolly mixtures or candy floss type scent which is almost overpowering, but once it's dissolved in the water it's a lot more subtle and really quite relaxing. Turns the water bright pink too!

Kind of missed the bubbles, so might try one of the bubble bars next, although Butterball and the luxury bath melts sound quite tempting too... but I'll definately be going back to Lush soon! 


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