Wednesday, 11 April 2012

models own indian ocean

Models Own Indian Ocean: £5 from Boots

Indian Ocean is part of the Models Own Beetlejuice collection of duo-chrome polishes; they describe it as "A calming iridescent blue with soft pink undertones" which I would say is right on the money personally! They do have other shades in the collection (there is 5 in total) but Indian Ocean was the only one that really jumped out to me as a must-have to be honest, as I'm not usually a fan of duo-chrome polishes and I found the other shades a little bit meh.

Close-up of product in the bottle

 I applied one coat and it applied so easily! Although it is quite sheer it is quite enough for a subtle look. Surprisingly the pink undertones take centre stage once applied which I was disappointed about at first, but it's actually grown on me really quickly as it makes it a lot more wearable for everyday. Just don't expect it to look exactly as it does in the bottle!

 I know this probably reads as a little bit negative ,but I'm actually really pleased with this polish and I would definitely recommend it for the summer. :)



  1. If we had models own in canada this would be in my collection:)
    Sara xx

  2. omg I want this shade so badly! always sold out whenever I'm in boots haha xo

    1. It's very delicate and pretty :)

      That's always the way with the hyped about products for me too, then they always pop up in store when you can't afford it aha, I really want to try Ibiza Mix so bad!