Monday, 11 June 2012

mani mondays: glitter fade nails

Essie Vanity Fairest and Models Own Juicy Jules
Added a bit of sparkle to my nails following the WAH glitter fade tutorial.  I think it looks really pretty, definately one for the girlie girls that love a bit of sparkle like me. It'll take a bit of practice for me to nail the technique down though - it's pretttty messy when dragging the glitter polish down the nail, but still fairly pleased with the result!

Friday, 8 June 2012

essie vanity fairest

Essie Diffusion Vanity Fairest: £7.99

I popped my Essie cherry by picking up Vanity Fairest from the popular diffusion line at Boots after spotting it on Gia May's lovely blog. It's so pretty - a sheer milky pink with a shimmer, it looks natural and glossy on the nails, plus the wider brush made application a lot easier. Only complaint is a few bubbles have appeared now my nails have dried, but that's not too much of an issue for me to be honest!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

candy stripe nails

Models Own Bloo Bloo and white WAH nail pen

Tried out these candy striped nails after reading the WAH Nails book, which is full of awesome tutorials. I'm loving fondant shades at the moment and thought they looked pretty cute and girlie. I want to try them in lots of different colours now! Apologies for the messy little finger nail - I smudged it..

my name is kirstyxo on facebook

MY NAME IS KIRSTYXO is now on facebook! You can go directly to to view the page or click on the Facebook icon in the sidebar. You can leave me comments or feedback there if you so wish :)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

mani monday #1 summer leopard print

Models Own x Hedkandi Beach Party and Models Own Sophies' Pink

The weathers been amazing in the UK this weekend, so hot and sunny! So, I thought I'd try out my first leopard print nails in the two bright summery colours I picked up. I'm quite pleased with the result for a first attempt - I really want to get the white nail art pen to try some pastel nail art too.

I'm taking part in Mani Monday this week over at Glitter and Gloss

Friday, 25 May 2012

# 10 little secrets

1. What is one beauty product that makes you feel a million dollars?

Perfume - wearing your favourite fragrance can just give you a bit of a boost on an off day I think.

2. What is your skincare secret? A passed down skincare tip?

I love using face masks, my skin feels so nice after using them. I've been using the Lush Cosmetic Catastrophe at the moment - smells of blueberries, so good! I want to try some of the other ones now!

3. Share your haircare secret.

Dry shampoo - for days when I just can't be bothered.. ha.

4. What is your biggest diet rule?

To not follow diets... I just try and eat healthily and allow myself treats occasionally.

5. Any workout tips?

Haha.. working out isn't my strong point! I do enjoy swimming though which is a good form of exersise.

6. What perfume is your secret weapon?

I really like summery scents at the moment like Daisy Eau So Fresh and Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur smells amazing -really coconut-ty. A sexy fragrance has to be Fergie's Outspoken, it smells like iced berries and black leather ;)

7. A piece of clothing that turns heads.

Just something I feel confident in I think, maybe shorts or a pretty little dress.

8. What is your most treasured piece of jewellery? 

The necklace my boyfriend got me while he was on holiday in America. <3

9. Who is your style crush?

Oh gosh, I have lots! I love Rihanna's style when it's more laid-back and off-duty and Zooey Deschanel always looks amazing in what ever she wears. But yeah, I really love quite pared back style, like boots and a slouchy sweater nothing that looks too "done".

And Carrie Bradshaw obvs as a SATC addict... that girl can wear anything and look amazing IMO.

10. Tell us something we don't know about you.

I used to play the clarinet and the saxaphone at school... I wasn't very good though!

I took part in Mind Block Monday this week over at After 9 to 5!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

lush happy blooming

Happy Blooming Luxury Bath Melt: £3.85 from Lush

Now, I must admit that bath melts aren't my favourite Lush products - I much prefer the bubble bars or bath bombs that produce bubbles or fizz around the bath, but I just had to pick up this one. It smells delicious! Like marzipan and cherry bakewells. Yummeh!

I quite liked that it is divided into 3 sections - so you can just snap off however many sections you want to use and pop them in the bath. As you can see, I used one, but I didn't find the scent strong enough for my liking, but I do like really strong scents in the bath, so that might just be me! I think I'll use two next time though.

If you're a big fan of bath melts and like sweet, marzipan smells, then I would recommend this. At £3.85 though it works out a bit pricey if you use more than one section per bath.

Have you tried this? What is your favourite Lush bath product?