Friday, 16 March 2012

my (fantasy) spring topshop wishlist

I think Topshop has some gorgeous pieces in at the moment; this is my fantasy wishlist for Spring; I say fantasy as I don't think I can even afford the pair of (very pretty lacy)socks until at least payday! Oh dear...

1. Laser-cut collar - I'm lusting after this so bad.. I love tops with little peter-pan collars and this little collar is so cute. The fact that its laser-cut makes it totally stand out to me from other collars on the high-street. And the nude colour makes it perfect for spring.

2. Pink and cream ombre sweater - Spotted this on the We Love page. I love the light colours and the ombre effect and the little studs on the shoulders. Might be love!

3. Cream tunic - Fell in love with this tunic after spotting it on Milkteef's post a while ago. Looks so pretty and girlie without being too over-the-top. Not sure what it would look like on me though - I think the shape could look a bit odd..

4. Blue lace socks - Loving pastels and lace right now. Very summery and girlie. These would look so cute with flats. May actually be able to afford them come payday!



  1. ahhh i need that studded jumper in my life! it's amazing :)

  2. Stunning isn't it!! Topshop have some amazing pieces in at the moment I want the jumper and the collar SO BAD xx