Sunday, 11 March 2012

Loving: Candy-dyed Denim and Studs

After spotting this post on the Topshop blog about The Ragged Priest has totally made me want to get my bleach and fabric dye on. I want studded vintage shorts in every colour please?!? Think I will customise some old denim pieces I have and keep my eye out at vintage fairs for denim cut-offs - and of course I need some candy colour dye. Quite like the pastel colour blocking look going on in the image above from their lookbook. Lovely. 

My picks from The Ragged Priest



  1. AHH want everything these pieces are lovely!!!


    1. haha i know right! I want basically everything in that top picture

      I'm gonna have to D.I.Y something similar though as totally cannot afford the pricetag! Even Primark is a stretch atm lol xx