Thursday, 16 February 2012

New York Fashion Week Faves: Diesel Black and Gold

Diesel Black and Gold;  I always enjoy looking to see what they've put on the catwalk.

Such a wearable collection; I really like a good fitted shirt, its a great wardrobe staple, so I'm glad to see it styled in so many ways on the Diesel Black and Gold catwalk. I also love leopard print and I think it looks amazing on the slightly longer shorts and skirts and the way its all been styled together works really well.

Loving the black pleated skirt teamed with the over-sized belt and shirt!

I'm loving the bucket bag trend thats emerging for spring at the moment, so I'm coveting a bag like this one! Cream and tan and studs <3 Amaze :)


Images from: Fashionising


  1. Really impressed by this collection! I love all the black + gold!!

    1. thanks for the comment :)
      great collection isn't it!! really wearable too :)
      love your blog btw xx